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Team Vaaip

HTML5, % 95
CSS3, % 90
JS, % 85
PHP, % 90
SQL, % 85
Bootstrap, % 95
Laravel, % 90
Git, % 85
Adobe CC, % 80

We are a team of young creative UI/UX designers and web developers!

We are hard workers, already converted the stress into passion. Take each steps towards the design and development with pixel perfection and carefulness for make the application as user interfaced and highly secured.

We are work base on Gantt Chart that include a well prepared and preplaned 8 phases. Thereby we can help to our clients to reach the exact solution that they want when finish the final phase.

We are corrently working on Envato market place for a bunch of our web applications and templates.

Allthough, We will be available for custom application developments and its futher updates if have in future.

How Works

We are work togather for an application according to a preplaned 8 phases.

We will get started on the application cunstruction based on client's requirements. It is a reseach phase include discussions, creating workflows, finding resources etc...

After completed the application construction we will start working on create wireframes. If the client want Mobile Apps, then we construct the wireframes for desktops, tablets and mobiles. UI/UX designig is the next phase. We will done that based on the wireframes.

The next step is construct the Database models and create its relashionship diagrames. After that we will take first step towards the coding, frontend development. We have use Bootstrap as frontend framework in this phase.

After that we will move to backend development. Here we using Laravel as backend framework. We will consider it is the core part of the application development. So, gave some more time and special care for this phase to code the backend as cool!

The next phase is test and debug. We will take a hackathon on this phase to make sure the security, functionalities and user interfacing elements are works fine. The last and final phase is handover the source code and launch the application. We also ready to gave future support and extensions to our client if they required.

1. Construct Application

2. Create Wireframes

3. UI/UX Design

4. Construct Database Model

5. Frontend Development

6. Backend Development

7. Test and Debug

8. Launch



We can't list some of our works here, because of the copyright agreement with our clients. You can check it out some of our own works from Evanto market place.

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What people say?

Renjith is my go to web developer!!! Very reliable, fast and understand exactly what I want. He is very professional and has great communication. His coding and knowledge is A+.

Tom Allan, www.imageassistant.com.au
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